YES to “Living My Purpose”

Align Purpose and Prosperity Following Your Heart

• Do you feel like you have a deeper purpose and wonder what it is?
• Do you sense that your life’s challenges have taught you something that you would like to share yet don’t know how?
• Do you doubt in your ability to make money doing what you love?

If you feel driven by the fire in your heart
and want to make a difference in the world
and would like to manifest it into action
This program is for you!
With “Yes To My Life Academy” 
Passionate Purpose

you will

• Discover and focus on your inner strengths and abilities
• Tap into and be guided by your intuition to find your way
• Let go of self-doubt, shame and remorse
• Connect to your higher purpose and confidently take action towards manifest it

Is this you?

• You have survived adverse childhood experiences.
• You are strong, extremely determined and can face challenging situations.
• You are very quick at reading people, environments and situations.
• You work well under pressure and do not know how to relax. You may have suffer a burnout or use stimulants to keep going at high speed.
• It is challenging for you to “trust”- people, situations or the “universe”.
• You don’t believe in having “dreams” because you have been “wired” to work for money in order to survive.
• You “know” that you are here for a higher purpose and want to know what it is.

In this program you will

• Draw from your life’s challenges to uncover your strengths, natural abilities and talents.
• Let you heart desires emerge and show you the way to your lifepath.
• Identify and release the voices of fear, doubts, shame and blame
• Create a supportive structure in your life to help you transition towards what you want.
• Use your gut intuition and your ability to make quick decisions to your advantage.
• Release unnecessary stress, feel calm and take empowered actions towards what you truly want.
• Make a plan that helps you bridge the gap financially.
• Move from surviving to thriving in your life and work.


Module 1-3

Be You Are!

• Transform your survival skills into strengths
• Gain wisdom from your values- what you stand for, matters!
• Identify your natural talents and bank on them- nature versus nurture
• Tap into the vision of the child’s heart within
• Shine your own light

Module 4-7

What You Want Matters!

• Call forth your heart centered vision-
know what you want even if you think you don’t know!
• Identify Your Life Purpose- Why do you want it and why does it matter?
• Connect To Your Tribe- You are not alone.
• Let go of the voices of the past- release the “nay-sayers” in your head
• Align your vision with your actions

Module 8-12

Take Action

• Trust your intuition and follow the “breadcrumbs path”
• Connect to your network- they are your net worth
• Create a resume that rocks the world
• Interview people who shine their own light
• Work as if you had the career that you want
• Manage the “gremlins” inside and out
• Stand out from the crowd- carve your own path.
• Celebrate- your life is unfolding, your soul knows what you are up to.

Are you ready to leave your own mark into the world?

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