People like You


are MAKING this world a better place



You are..


Strong– you have overcome tremendous challenges in your life and have not given up.

Passionate– you know that you are here for a purpose and committed to manifesting it.

Committed– You are in it for the long haul- you want to make a difference in the world while making money living your purpose.

Who we serve

Coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, healers, physical therapists, teachers, consultants

Anyone who wants to grow themselves as they grow a business while being committed to make this world a better place

“Who you are is much bigger than who you think you are.
You are “spirit embodied” and your heart already knows what you are up to in this lifetime, are you willing to follow its message?”


Integrity and Authenticity over manipulation– we express ourselves truthfully.
Resourcefulness over scarcity– we believe that we have everything we need. We are “enough”.
Interconnectedness– we value our connection to all that is, the planet and its inhabitants. We respect life.
Collaboration over competition– there is enough for everyone and we share.
Responsibility over blame– we believe that healing is an inside job and don’t blame ourselves or others about the past.

Meet Chantal

Chantal was on the forefront of the coaching movement when coaching was budding in the 90’s. She attended the first training program offered by the Coaches Training Institute and got certified in 1997 as a personal and professional coach and immediately began building her coaching practice, building it up to twenty clients per week without any prior business knowledge.
One of her clients offered her a job as a training and development director, where she built from the ground up an entire training and development department over a period of six years.
Within that same period of time, she started a mind/body healing center with her husband and stepped fully into managing and growing that  

business two years after start-up. That business has now been in operation for thirteen years.
Along the way, she suffered from lyme disease, Epstein Barr, burnout and breast cancer. She began digging deeper, wanting to understand why despite her best health efforts, she kept getting sick.

She discovered that an over exposure to stress and trauma affects the immune system. In 2012, she came across the ACE study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) which opened her eyes on the impact that trauma has over a lifetime on people’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

She enrolled in a mind/body psychotherapy healing program in West Hartford Connecticut. She had already studied massage and bodywork after college and learned about mind/body healing modalities along with attending a two year program in movement and expressive art therapy. She eventually enrolled in the Masters in Social Work degree at Smith College in 2017.

Chantal is an entrepreneur at heart and deeply believe in people’s ability to heal. It is now obvious to her that healing and growing a business is an inside job. What blocks healing and being successful in business comes from the same places inside, deeply held belief and emotions about unworthiness and lack of belonging created at an early age.

It is absolutely possible to thrive beyond trauma. In fact, it is imperative that people who have suffered choose to heal in order to not repeat the same patterns from the past. People who choose to heal themselves have gifts to offer the world. They know, because they have walked that path, how to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and it is to these people, who are passionate, empowered, committed to living a life on purpose, who believe in making this world a better place that she speaks to, coaches and support in building their business.

Public Speaking

Thriving Beyond Trauma- A physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey.

• “Yes” To My Life’s Purpose- How to live a meaningful life that makes this world a better place.

“Yes” to Building a Heart Centered Business- Aligning business with the heart yields more than money, it makes people want to shine.

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