Dare to Live

Join Chantal Leven LCSW, CPCC to tap into the 7 healing pillars within, transform the root

causes of illness, find vitality and bloom into a soulful life.

Have you had a wake-up call through a breast cancer diagnosis- especially for the 2nd time?
Are you determined to heal at a deeper level- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
Are you passionate about living your purpose while being of service to this world?

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Let’s face it, breast cancer is a “WAKE-UP CALL”!

* It can shake your up in your roots.
* It is painful, overwhelming and confusing.

* It can leave you feeling powerless and hopeless!

It is also a call to deeper healing guided from your soul’s wisdom.
It is a call to look deeper into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual root causes that influence the breakdowns and heal by reconnecting the broken pieces into the whole of you who are.

The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.
Norman Cousins

When you say YES to Healing- You say YES to BECOMING WHOLE AGAIN!
You say YES to heal on all levelsphysical, emotional, mental and spiritual!
You say YES to enter a SOUL JOURNEY, one where you are being guided to dig deeper into who you are!

Are you READY?
Join me as we draw your 6 month

2 hour Jump Start Session-
Join me to Tap Into The Healer Within and Craft Your Healing Vision!

Pillar 1- Re-build your life force by strengthening your health.

  1. Learn to ride the fear “waves” (without drowning) by transforming the stress response- fight-flight-freeze-please- through mindfulness, breath and movement.
  2. Feed your body with nourishing food.
  3. Decrease pain through relaxation techniques.
  4. Surround yourself with a loving community.
  5. Create a schedule that support your healing process.

Pillar 2- Release energy blocks through emotional expression

  1. Begin the emotional healing process by connecting
    and holding the child within.
  2. Release blocked energy by letting go of
    withheld emotions attached to past experiences.
  3. Tap into your creative power
    to freely express what you want.

Pillar 3- Value yourself and your life!

  1. Tap into the true power within byreleasing the shame that binds you.
  2. Eliminate energy drains by creating healthy boundaries.
  3. Tap into the power within by strengthening your core.
  4. Align with your purpose by saying YES to what you WANT and NO to what you DON’T WANT.
  5. Shine your worth through meaningful work.

Pillar 4- Love yourself and love life!

  1. Expand your heart to love by releasing grief.
  2. Heal your heart by practicing forgiveness towards self and others.
  3. Let your heart blossom by doing more of what you love.
  4. Let love into your love by letting go of resentment and practicing gratitude.

Pillar 5- Find and express your authentic voice

  1. Release the blocks to self-expression
    by freeing your voice.
  2. Build inner strength by aligning with your integrity.
  3. Express your truth with kindness
    and clarity where it is needed.
  4. Speak in words, writing, images
    what needs to be spoken.

Pillar 6- Embrace the Power Of Possibilities

  1. Tap into your soul’s wisdom to craft your life’s vision
  2. See in your “mind’s eyes” that healing is possible and believe it.
  3. Envision the future you want to live and make it so!

Pillar 7- Connect to your divine nature

  1. Allow your body, mind and soul to become one through a variety of practices of your own choice.
  2. Let your spirit connect to the universal spirit.
  3. Remember who you are and craft your life’s journey in accordance to your divine blueprint.

As you heal each centers of energy, your life will reflect back to you what is possible.

Nature operates according to an innate principle of balance and harmony and so does our body.

When we allow ourselves to realign each centers of energy, we allow our natural essence to come through and manifest our unique destiny.


We can SHINE our LIGHT
through our HEART and LIFE.

We can also affect HEALING in the environment AROUND US.

Are you willing to join me?

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  • A meditation/guided journey through the chakras/ clearing up old issues
    and bringing new life into each one of those centers of energy.
  • A guided imagery to help CRAFT your LIFE’S VISION/PURPOSE.