YES Healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences is Possible

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Yes To My Life Academy

Programs are for people who

  • Have had to overcome adverse childhood experiences.
  • Believe in healing themselves in order to help heal others.
  • Are committed to taking responsibility for their life ad work.
  • Know that their purpose comes from their healing journey.
  • Believe in making this world a better place through leadership and entrepreneurship.

Our Programs 

Trauma Healing From Self-Recovery to Self-Discovery

We believe that healing is an inside job and that it is possible to heal and overcome adverse childhood experiences.
Our programs are designed to help you heal from the bottom up, transform your trauma into purposeful living and working.
Healing is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homecoming journey guided by your heart and soul.
We offer guidance through therapeutic coaching yet we believe that each person is led by their intuition and inner guidance. These programs are designed to be tailored at your own pace might you choose to undertake this journey, we are here to assist you in being the best you can be.

Trauma affects all centers of power called the chakras. Healing happens when you rebuild your sense of self from the “bottom up”. Being present in your body means transforming fear and finding safety through a “grounded” body, trusting that your feelings will lead the way to your passion, connecting to your personal power, knowing and living your heart centered purpose, re-claiming your voice through empowered speech, being guided by your higher perception and living with peace through your own connection to spirit.

From soul recovery to self-discovery allows you to let go of how you hold yourself from the past, reclaim yourself in the present reality in order to fulfill your life’s mission.

Yes To Living My Heart’s Purpose

People who have had to overcome adverse childhood experiences are resilient, determined, have an inner strength and passion that can transform the world once they get out of their own way.
Living your heart’s purpose means releasing misconceptions and expectations from the past about who you are and how you should behave and truly living passionately in this moment.

You are the only one who has lived your life and you are here with a specific purpose. Your life has provided you with the roadmap to uncover and express that purpose in a very specific way. When you let your passion fuel your purpose, nothing can stop you from expressing who you are. When you say YES to living your heart purpose, your actions align with your heart and soul and you can say that you will live a life of no regrets. Are you ready to shine your own light in the world?

Yes to Growing My Heart’s Business

Being a transformational leader and entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart. Transformational means that you allow yourself to be transformed as you carry your message and choose to make money by creating and building a business that transform people and the planet. Because your message is inspired by your own healing journey, there are times where you will hit the “personal roadblocks” yet with determination you are committed to overcome those inner roadblocks because you truly believe that you have something of value to offer the world. This program is for you if you want to make your livelihood by offering your services and products marketing yourself authentically. You are willing to do the work needed to implement the steps that will lead you to be connecting to your “tribe” and shamelessly offer what you do best. You will be connected to a community of like-minded people who also believe in thriving through leadership and entrepreneurship.


Chantal Leven’s business coaching has been invaluable! By helping me identify and prioritize my business goals – along with helping me strategize when I’ve hit roadblocks – I’m now poised to launch my new Digital Marketing business. I’m excited to get started and can’t wait to help other businesses with their online marketing strategy. I would highly recommend Chantal’s services.



Dawn Carberry,
owner of Carcalls

Through working with Chantal, I have gained confidence in myself and my decisions regarding my business. I am more comfortable in the role of business owner. When I heard about Chantal, I was in the process of purchasing my practice. Although I had been in practice for more than ten years, I had been an employee.Three significant improvements I have gained from working with Chantal are: seeing clearly the Read More


Lori J. Sayers, DC
Berkshire Family Chiropractic

"Thriving Beyond Trauma"

A three-part video series that will coach you to
* Stand In Your Power
* Gain Clarity Through Your Inner Wisdom
* Take Decisive Action In Your Life

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Align Purpose and Prosperity
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